Our official second year in business was wonderful at Waterfront. We took cases ranging from defense of executives accused of fraud and putting together evidence for a variety of civil and criminal trials, to untangling opaque corporations and figuring out assets behind people and companies. Below is a selection of some of the interesting matters we handled. We cannot wait until 2019!

Complex Civil Litigation

  • In a case of two high net worth individuals suing each other, we found witnesses and obtained information from them that helped lead to a settlement of 1/20th of the initial claim.
  • Uncovered an immense amount of background information on a potential billionaire litigant. Upon seeing his aggressive, litigious patters, our client decided to back off from pursuing further legal action.
  • Determined that $10 million in assets of our client’s opposing party were almost completely leveraged and not worth pursuing.

M&A Due Diligence

  • Vetted executives in more than a dozen merger deals and pre-IPOs in the pharmaceutical, energy and transportation sectors, among other industries.
  • After uncovering an executive’s long and checkered past, including SEC accusations, dozens of lawsuits alleging fraud, and failed companies that left investors unpaid, our hedge fund client refrained from making a sizeable investment.

Money Laundering

  • Found that a secretive Belize-based shell corporation purchasing luxury goods was connected to a Moscow-based millionaire of questionable reputation and his web of shell companies.

Stolen Intellectual Property

  • On the ground in India, we determined the identity and threat level of an individual who created a website pretending to be the site of our global technology client.

Threat Assessments

  • Confirmed that an individual behind a long-term smear campaign was actually an influential CEO and competitor of our global corporate client.

Locating People

  • Used databases and social media research to locate witnesses for fraud cases.
  • Found a recently-released prison inmate who had spent her adulthood embezzling from her former employers.

Pro Bono

  • Sought people and evidence to show that a wrongly accused client was uninvolved with an arson, ending in the prosecution dropping charges.