Litigation & Disputes

We obtain evidence, locate information, and help litigators build persuasive cases through all stages of civil and criminal matters.

our capabilities

We utilize decades of investigative experience to assess and resolve your litigation and dispute complications.

Litigation & Disputes

Our experienced team uses creative methods to find critical information, from conducting electronic research to on-the-ground tracking of individuals, obtaining physical evidence and documents. We incorporate sophisticated investigative tools and  behind-the-scenes tactics to locate witnesses and evidence in the most serious cases. When necessary, we coordinate complex process services and conduct surveillance.

We work with criminal defendants, those under investigation and their attorneys, providing support in cases concerning fraud and white-collar defense. Our team works to build a case for innocence and/or reduced culpability against accusations faced by our clients.

In high-stakes civil cases, we work with clients on both the plaintiff and defense sides, from business and securities litigation and fraud, to personal injury and family law. Whether you or your client has been wronged by another, seeks to build a case, locate hidden assets, or otherwise, we will assist you in assembling facts, witnesses, evidence, and assets to bring about a successful resolution in your dispute.

Our Expertise

  • Criminal defense
  • Corporate, civil, and family disputes
  • Identifying and vetting witnesses
  • Discovering hidden assets
  • Surveillance & Complex Process Service
  • Interviewing individuals to build cases

Who We Work With

  • Civil litigators
  • Criminal defense attorneys
  • Corporate counsel
  • Private Equity firms
  • Individuals and families
  • Nonprofit organizations


our process


We incorporate extensive networks and complex tools to find answers.


We identify specific needs and factors that influence the path forward.


We plan the most effective methods and ideal team construction to obtain your end goal.


We keep you informed at every step as we secure solutions.

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