Corporate Intelligence

We help our corporate clients understand the hidden risks behind potential business ventures and partners.

our capabilities

Our investigative efforts encompass a global scope of competitive insights on behalf of our clients. 

Corporate Intelligence

Before making a significant business acquisition, partnership or capital investment, it is crucial to understand the target company beyond what is provided by its executives or from easily accessible resources. You need to know its reputation, the reputations of its principals, and any hidden risks to your bottom line. Waterfront Intelligence has the experience and investigative skills to help you do just that.

Through our investigative services, we identify and gather reputational, legal, and other relevant information to guide your business choices. This includes whether a company or its executives have demonstrated a history of being litigious, whether they have faced accusations of breaching contracts, and whether they have faced criminal charges or allegations of violating professional codes or international OFAC laws.

In instances when a client is pondering a new partnership with a business, we investigate, among other things, the company’s reputation. We screen proposed suppliers and help confirm whether our client has picked the right supplier for an ongoing, healthy relationship. Our due diligence also helps clients understand the reputations of significant customers. We can determine whether a customer engages in money laundering or diverts products for gray market sales. We also gather information on industry competitors as it is relevant to our client’s business objectives.

We help investors see beyond the public face of potential investments through investigative tools ranging from electronic data research and analysis to face-to-face interviews, onsite investigations, and even surveillance where necessary. 

Our Expertise

  • Litigation histories
  • Criminal records and investigations
  • Professional records
  • Corporate reputations
  • Executive reputations
  • Info on suppliers/competitors

Who We Work With

  • Corporate counsel
  • Private Equity
  • Boards of Directors
  • Outside law firms
  • Nonprofit organizations

our process


We incorporate extensive networks and complex tools to find answers.


We identify specific needs and factors that influence the path forward.


We plan the most effective methods and ideal team construction to obtain your end goal.


We keep you informed at every step as we secure solutions.

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