Global Affiliates

We have forged loyal partnerships with investigative teams in 36 strategic locations throughout the world.

Global Affiliates

Waterfront Intelligence Locations


We work with 12 satellite offices throughout Western Europe, including affiliates in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Italy. In Eastern Europe our investigators are on the ground in numerous regions including Ukraine and Poland. And our Northern European teams are stationed in Sweden, Norway and The Netherlands.

Latin America and the Caribbean

Our affiliated teams on the ground are headquartered in key spots such as Mexico City, Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo with capabilities including complex problem solving; enhanced due diligence, fraud investigations, extortion investigations, as well as litigation support and intelligence projects.

East Asia

Hong Kong serves as a primary touchpoint for many of our corporate and business intelligence cases. Other affiliates are located in Beijing, Tokyo, Bangkok, Singapore, Manilla and Taipei, among other cities.

South Asia

Headquartered in New Delhi with offices throughout India, our affiliates handle pre-transactional research for western clients considering business in the area, as well as fraud investigations and litigation support.

Central Asia and Russia

Our Moscow affiliate runs cases based throughout Central Asia, including Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Middle East

Our three affiliates in Jordan, Abu Dhabi and Israel focus on pre-transactional investigations and research for litigation.


Our affiliates in Toronto and Vancouver specialize in due diligence, cybersecurity and corporate investigations.


Our Sydney-based affiliate has investigators spread throughout Australia and New Zealand, including Melbourne, Perth and Wellington, New Zealand.