Our Intriguing Cases of 2020

As we gladly embrace 2021 at Waterfront Intelligence, we’ve highlighted a handful of our noteworthy cases over the last 12 months. From giving clients deep insight into witnesses and opposing party’s assets, to helping clients prepare for mergers and understand their partners, here are some of our most interesting investigations — in a most unusual year.


Asset searches: Information gathering reveals inventory for lawsuit

When the owner of a convenience store chain shut down its locations, the creditor, who wanted to sue, needed to know if there was anything to recover. We conducted asset searches of the convenience store chain, and got the creditor the answers they needed to move forward.

Asset searches often help our clients decide whether to take legal action, and if they do, the research gives a clearer sense of where to find the opposing party’s money. We have extensive experience conducting such investigations, and can help you find the information you need before you file a lawsuit or take other action.

Witness background research: social media had the answers

When an individual made unfounded allegations against a global company, we sought evidence to show that the witness wasn’t credible. Digging into the social media accounts of the witness revealed substantial intelligence the client needed.

We conduct in-depth searches of social media and other online platforms to gather evidence and provide background on people and companies. If businesses or individuals post evidence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms, details can often be used during disputes.

Conviction appeal: evidence could give freedom to the wrongly accused

In 2013, a teenager was tried as an adult for a violent crime he didn’t commit. In 2020, we sought out witnesses and gathered testimony that can be used to help overturn the defendant’s 29 year prison sentence.

Clients get new perspectives on their cases when we find and speak with past witnesses.

Finding people: Witness testimony reveals truth about jail

When a client filed a lawsuit to improve the sanitary conditions in county jail, the case needed many witnesses. We tracked down contact information for former inmates, many who could help the client show that the jail was an unhealthy place.

Using advanced research and proven techniques to find often-elusive individuals, we help many businesses gather critical intelligence and witness testimony.

Unsolved homicide: Evidence kept a murder investigation open

Police ran out of leads in an unsolved murder case, so the family of the victim contacted us to help keep the investigation open. We sprung into action, found and spoke with additional relevant individuals, gathered more information, and provided the findings to the family and police, helping to keep this important case out of the cold file.

When a case needs a fresh set of eyes and an advanced team of investigators, we seek important clues and necessary data to keep it out of the archives.

Partner research: On-the-ground intel solves mystery disappearance

A luxury goods manufacturer held a large sum of our client’s money and used the pandemic to ghost their business partner and stop manufacturing.

Using on-the-ground research in U.S. jurisdictions and the Caribbean, we helped the client resolve the situation.