Manhattan jeweler who didn’t like negative reviews on Google forged a judge’s signature to order the bad ones removed, faces 18 months in prison. (The Daily Beast)

After forging the signature of a U.S. District Judge on court orders, the owner of the Natural Sapphire Company, Michael Arnstein, is facing possible prison time and hefty fines, according to The Daily Beast. After disputes with former business partner Prashant Telang, negative reviews abounded for the company when Telang sabotaged the company website and redirected the homepage to a forum containing negative reviews. A court order directed Telang to delete 54 of these reviews. In 2014, Arnstein doctored the court order to request deletion of remaining negative reviews. After presenting multiple forgeries to Google between 2015 and 2017, he was charged in April. Arnstein now awaits sentencing.

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