Our most interesting cases of 2022Used Car Sales Lot

Understanding the life of a deceased used car salesman and other notable investigations

Last year, we helped our clients get out of scams, defend themselves against federal charges, find family, uncover the source of threats, and more.


Profiling a life in absentia

A client wanted to understand what had happened to his father, who left his family 20 years ago, moved across the country, became a used car salesman and never got back in touch. We pieced it together.



Untangling a catfishing scam

A scammer on an online dating site convinced a man to send hundreds of thousands of dollars to a “woman” he never met, under the guise that she needed help getting out of jail in a foreign country. Our search for his damsel-in-distress led us to a man in Florida.



Witness research against federal charges

For the first time ever, the U.S. Department of Justice charged a company executive in connection with a data breach. We found impeachment material in the background of potential witnesses.


A politician’s dirty laundry revealed

A politician who encouraged conspiracy theories stepped down after we uncovered allegations and videos about the politician which they did not know were already in the public domain.



Pinpointing the source of company threats

A man who was threatening a company thought he was hiding out undetected in a house. We found him.



Firm learns true colors of an acquisition target

Extremely sexist and racist tweets were identified far in the Twitter archives of the president of a company soon to be acquired by a private equity firm.


What does 2023 hold?

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