Reflecting on some of the cases that made 2017 a great year

We have highlighted below a selection of Waterfront’s interesting matters during our first year in business.

Complex Civil Litigation

  • Obtained impeachment material on opposing witnesses in a high-stakes whistle-blower lawsuit against a national pre-IPO company.
  • Found controlling entities behind a corporation, allowing a client to file a multi-million dollar personal injury action against the correct company and people.
  • Identified impeachment material for a private beverage company to reach a favorable settlement with the opposition.

Due Diligence

  • Vetted potential board members for a publicly traded hardware distributor. Identified undisclosed companies and an op-ed piece written by a candidate approximately 20 years ago which prompted the client to reconsider onboarding.

Locating People

  • Used databases and social media research to locate witnesses for fraud, probate and wrongful death cases.
  • Using traditional methods of meeting people, located two homeless individuals living off the grid.


  • Unmasked members of a ring of anonymous confidence artists attempting to extort a high net worth client accused of sexting.

Threat Assessments

  • Provided a private company with enough evidence of a suspect’s past behavior to obtain a restraining order.


  • Found a man in the United States who stole assets from a private fishing company and had claimed he moved to Europe.