Winning the case — with private intelligence

How adding investigations to your trial team can make all the difference.

With limited time on your hands to build a winning case, how do you make sure you’ve filled all the holes? Associate attorney fees for investigative work can add up fast, and the results can be limited.

When a case feels less than rock-solid, consider the benefits of an experienced private intelligence firm:

  • What a search can reveal: Any recent transfers, such as property moved to a spouse, partner, business entity or trust with the intent of shielding it from attachment. Sometimes, even a person’s online activities can reveal connections to a place the plaintiff may not have considered. For instance, social media posts made by the debtor or a spouse may point an investigation in the direction of another jurisdiction where the subject does not own property in his name, but owns it through another LLC, potentially making it an attachable asset in a judgment.
  • Trial expertise. Investigators are industry veterans with trial experience, who can embed themselves with your team, prepare court reports, testify under oath if needed, and obtain usable evidence.
  • A second set of eyes. It’s easy to get so close to something, you can’t see the problems. Private intelligence offers a fresh perspective to help you see—and fill—the holes in a case.
  • A way to know more about witnesses (on both sides). Investigators help busy attorneys find additional character information that hasn’t been presented in formal discovery, including witnesses’ digital footprints and social media record. Avoid painful surprises and understand the weak spots in opposing witnesses.
  • A different approach to finding information. Lawyers often not familiar with the creative ways we find evidence, contacts, and records. We access private databases and have extensive experience in getting information from people. Our work can fill in key gaps in timelines and testimony.
  • A resource for vetting and preparing witnesses. Private intelligence can find elusive witnesses, but the job doesn’t stop there. Investigators identify potential issues, such as inconsistent testimony, missing credentials, and troublesome backgrounds. Once the right witnesses have been found, we can prepare them to provide compelling testimony during trial. For more about what we do, see Finding a Great Witness.
  • An option if a witness testimony goes south. Having an investigator experienced in interviewing witnesses and testifying under oath means you have someone to turn to if witness testimony starts to deviate during trial. A savvy attorney can call the investigator to the stand to recount what the witness told them.

Private intelligence can help you save time and money as you prepare for trial. And sometimes, we can even help you save the case itself.

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