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Setting the Record Straight on Covid-19 Misinformation, By Waterfront Intelligence

In the midst of the world’s most nerve-wrenching crisis in generations, so much content is available that it’s hard to know what is fact, fiction or just way off base, baffling some of the most intelligent people I know. My passion for fact-finding inspires my life and work, so we have put together a selection of issues unique to COVID-19 to clear the record.

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One fraud often demands a team approach

In the midst of digging for minerals, a mining company’s biggest lender pulled out and filed for bankruptcy. The mining company, which was publicly traded, had to sell all of its assets and go out of business. We were asked to make sense of this. An investor sensed a...

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Affinity frauds and recovering from the scam

Affinity frauds and recovering from the scam  Picture this. You’re at a mixer for one of your business associations. The leader of the group, someone you truly respect, begins waxing poetic about a specific investment they’ve made, suggesting that you invest as well....

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Highlighted Cases of 2019

Over this past year we handled cases leading us to find a Ferrari, successfully defend clients accused of murder and untangle financial scams. Our cases ranged from background due diligence investigations into executives and developing sources inside organizations to...

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How to spot fake web sites

Is this website real? 5 ways to know when it's fake.  In the 2003 film Shattered Glass, a journalist accused of fabricating a story goes down a personal rabbit hole to prove that a made-up source for his article is real. Not only does reporter Stephen Glass create a...

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Pump-and-Dump Schemes: How to spot them

Investor Beware: How to Spot a Pump and Dump Scam This securities con, by its purest definition, happens when a group of executive officers or investors inflates the value of a publicly traded company’s stock, only to sell when the price hits the ceiling. Once the...

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Vetting Your Donor

Vetting your donor Protect your organization's reputation by shining a light on your funding source A massive ripple swept across the art community this year. Famous for donating extraordinary amounts of money to museums, hospitals, and even universities, a wealthy...

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Vetting a charitable organization

Vetting a charitable organization Making sure major gifts don’t put your company’s reputation at risk. When Help Hospitalized Veterans raised $168 million over three years, the organization’s donors believed their money would assist people returning from the Iraq War....

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